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Brightening Bionic Eye Cream Plus


Exuviance Brightening Bionic Eye Cream Plus is a multi-treatment brightening eye cream that targets multiple factors that affect the skin around the eye area. It is clinically proven to improve three common eye concerns – under eye dark circles, fine lines (crow’s feet) and puffiness. Suitable for all non-oily skin types.

When using the Exuviance Brightening Bionic Eye Crème 83% of users saw improvement in dark circles after 4 weeks of using this essential eye cream with Vitamin K and Lactobionic Acid. Targets under eye dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles, and puffiness. After four weeks of twice daily use, clinical studies indicate that: 90% of users saw a reduction in puffiness and increased elasticity and 87% of users saw an improvement in fine lines.

How to use

Apply the cream to the eye area twice a day in the morning and evening after cleansing.

This product does not contain a sunscreen. Always apply a sunscreen in the morning and re-apply if outdoors for prolonged periods.

Key ingredients

Gluconolactone, Pre-Tocopheryl, Green-Tea Extract, Cucumber Extract, Lactobionic Acid, Pro vitamin A and C, Vitamin K


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