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Medical Aesthetic Skin Care

We offer products and treatments that are
backed by sound scientific testing and research.

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The MY MASC loyalty programme rewards
you with a fresher, younger-looking skin.

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We are excited to introduce our new
MASC Signature Treatment.
It will revitalise, hydrate, plump
and firm your skin in preparation
for any upcoming occasion.


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skin starts here.

MASC Laser Clinic only offers treatments that are backed by sound scientific testing and research. We start your personalised skin regimen with a Visia skin analysis. This computerised complexion analysis objectively measures the condition of your skin. Archived digital photographs allow us to track your progress to a healthier, more youthful-looking complexion.

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are suited for you?

Many of the treatments and products on offer at MASC Laser Clinic target the deeper layers of the skin, therefore results may only start to emerge three months after initial treatment. Our MY MASC loyalty programme is designed to focus on some of the main skin concerns we struggle with and helps you identify the correct course of treatment and reap the benefits of staying committed. Find out more about your specific area of concern below or complete our quick online skin assessment.

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“I just had a follow-up Visia scan, after being on the MY MASC loyalty programme for one year. The scan showed that my skin hasn’t aged one day, in fact, my skin looks better than it did two years ago!”

– Liza (38), part-time student and full-time mom of three.



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