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If beauty is only skin deep, how deep do we treat?

We prepared a skin diagram, below, where you can hover over the dots in each level. The left focusses on skin concerns and on the right we target the concerns with MASC treatments.

Epidermal concerns (top layer of the skin) often include, but are not limited to, irregular hyperpigmentation (freckled or darker marks), texture changes and post-inflammatory pigmentation often caused by breakouts. Treatments may include superficial chemical peels, Environ DF lonzyme treatments or TCA peels (this removes the entire epidermis).

Dermal concerns include the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and deeper acne scarring. The degradation of the network of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid often leads to more pronounced signs of ageing and can also affect the overall appearance (texture) of the skin. Treatments such as medical needling (Dermapen) and non-ablative laser create controlled channels of injury to re-stimulate the production of collagen within the dermis, leading to reduction of fine lines, scarring and improved skin texture.



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