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Do you suffer from textural concerns?

Oily/sebaceous skin

Enlarged pores

Rough texture

Sun-damaged skin

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skin condition is?

What is textural concerns?

Skin texture refers to your skin’s surface condition. Good skin texture is even, smooth and hydrated with firm collagen and elastin support. Uneven skin texture often presents with enlarged pores with or without congestion, signs of sun damage due to extreme sun exposure and rough texture to the touch.

Products that contain topical ingredients – such as vitamin A, alpha hydroxy acids, enzymes and hyaluronic acid – will contribute to an improved complexion.

You can also consider various treatments on offer at MASC Laser Clinic. These treatments will help to remove dead skin cells, improve hydration and refine the overall appearance of your skin.

Which treatment is suited?


Thousands of tiny punctures are created in the skin, inducing the release of growth factors to stimulate the production of new collagen and elastin. Product penetration is also improved leading to enhanced rejuvenation.


Fine lines and wrinkles, uneven skin tone, acne scarring, burn scars, irregular skin texture and complexion.


Tighter skin, improved scars, improved texture and complexion.


We offer a variety of specialised peels with active ingredients to target your specific skin concern.


Irregular skin texture, fine lines, acne scarring and pigment irregularities.


Textural improvement, even complexion and revitalised skin.

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– After



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