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If you need to believe in something – believe in yourself

Women’s intuition, mothers’ instinct, gut feeling or a sense of just knowing are things we have either experienced ourselves or witnessed in others.  We are so much more than just flesh and blood with a thinking brain.  We are also emotion, passion, heart and vision.  Sometimes we experience things within us that are hard to express in words but are feelings that we understand and know what they mean. 

Have you ever had a day where it felt that your skin wasn’t fitting right?  When no matter what you do with your hair or your clothes you just don’t feel comfortable?  For some of our patients this is a feeling that never goes away, especially when their body has changed after childbirth, weight loss or menopause.  Each day is a struggle to just feel “normal”.  No, I’m not talking about Body dysmorphic disorder*. I’m talking about a rational and reasonable self-evaluation of your appearance; when you look in the mirror and focus on part of yourself that “doesn’t belong” with the rest of you.  The purest intentions of an ethical Plastic Surgeon should be to advise you on how to achieve symmetry and harmony of your body or facial contours either through non-surgical or surgical modalities.   

Yes, it’s all well and good that we can develop “body confidence” by telling ourselves “You’re fine just the way you are”. But sometimes suppressing those feelings of “something not feeling right” can be like keeping a beachball under water, it keeps popping up. We can attest to the fact that patients who have had well-selected and performed surgery are set free from those unsettling feelings and are restored to harmony – which means they are once again at peace within themselves. 

Trust the fact that you can trust yourself to know what would be good for you.   


* mental condition characterized by extreme pre-occupation with self-perceived defects in the appearance of the body, leading to distress and impairment of social and occupational functioning.











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