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Glycolic Renewal Smoothing Lotion


Lightweight skin rejuvenation

This lightweight, potent exfoliating lotion promotes skin rejuvenation, restoring a visibly smoother appearance to skin.

This 10% Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) lotion combines Glycolic and Citric Acids for powerful antiaging action. Glycolic Acid is scientifically proven to target skin’s natural filler, plumping and volumizing the appearance of the skin, so that wrinkles appear smoother. Specially formulated to provide a potent and precise delivery of Glycolic Acid while maintaining an optimal pH of this high-strength formulation.

• 10% AHA
• Improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
• Smooths surface texture
• Enhances skin clarity
• Effectively exfoliates with AHAs
• For use on face, body, and hands
• Oil-free and fragrance-free

How to use

Apply to the face, hands and body once a day for two weeks and twice a day thereafter, as tolerated. Gently smooth in the lotion until it is fully absorbed.

First time users should introduce the product slowly until the skin is tolerant. Remember to always use a sunscreen but you need to be extra cautious in the sun when using active ingredients. Apply and re-apply throughout the day when outdoors.



Key ingredients

Citric Acid, Glycolic Acid, Alpha-Hydroxy Acids


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