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Sheldene Unfiltered, Literally

I decided to share this photo of myself, unfiltered, literally.

I don’t have any make-up on; only a little bit of eyeliner. I turn 50 in November. Those of you who have already reached this landmark know that it comes as quite a surprise that you still feel so very young although you are already ticking the higher box when it comes to any questionnaire drop down. I do pride myself on my youthful appearance and the good condition of my skin. I put this down to regular “Tweakments” I’ve done over the years as well as excellent, consistent skincare treatments and products.

So, what are “Tweakments”?
Generally, the word “Tweakment” is used to describe subtle, barely noticeable cosmetic procedures – basically, anything that is more involved than makeup, but less invasive than a facelift. That means Botox, Fillers, Medical Aesthetic Skin Care treatments (including laser rejuvenation and hair removal), Fat Filling of the face, Lipo of double chins and Eyelifts.

It’s often quoted that, even during wartime, lipstick sales never decreased, as women would save for this luxury to maintain their spirits. It would be very interesting to know how lipstick sales are doing during this time we all have had to wear masks. But what is a FACT: Nonsurgical procedures continued to increase even during the height of the Covid pandemic. (ISAPS* 2020 global Survey). Noticeably the Plastic surgeons at Somerset Surgery experienced an increase in demand for both surgical and nonsurgical procedures because of patients’ time flexibility, the opportunity for a more private recovery and of course due to the so-called “Zoom effect”.

This month we are asking if you are “Selfie ready”? It could also be “Are you ready for your next Zoom meeting?”. Consider having some subtle, barely noticeable Tweakments and keep an eye on our Socials or sign up to our newsletter for great tips and advice (and to see some amazing before and after photos). Sometimes the right combination of “Tweakments” can have a dramatic effect on your appearance and… keep you looking as young in your photos and online meetings as you feel on the inside.

– Sheldene –


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