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Vitimin ‘A’nti Age

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to know more about Vit A containing products and how to use them…

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Along with sunscreen, retinoids like retinol are the skin-care ingredients that have the best evidence for antiaging benefits. All retinoids are forms of vitamin A that occur naturally in the food we eat. Topical retinoids cause your skin to speed up its normal cell-turnover process, meaning that it will shed skin cells more quickly. That helps tackle issues like fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots, and acne.

Although research shows that retinol is effective in increasing collagen production which reduces the signs of ageing; there’s no way to guarantee that what you’re using in an over-the-counter product is as potent or effective as the retinol available in a Medical Aesthetic Skin Care Clinic. The other drawback of using retinol (or any retinoid) is that these ingredients are notorious for causing irritation, at least when you first start using them. That usually includes symptoms like dryness, itching, redness, and increased sensitivity. Not everyone experiences these symptoms, though.


In short

Vit A is a vital ingredient for anti-ageing skincare regimes but choosing the right Vit A containing product and treatment should be left to the professionals. MASC Laser Clinic has a wide range of professional treatments and home care products that contain Vit A.

Go for it!

Ask one of our MASC skincare therapists about which product or treatment course is best for you. Take advantage of our Vit A product sale on MASC online

Professional treatments include:

  • Neostrata Retinol Peel.
  • Lamelle Retinol Peel
  • Environ DF Ionzyme Treatments:
  • Dermapen treatment with Mesoestetic Cosmeritin serum

Home care treatments include: 

Lamelle RA serums, Lamelle Dermaheal Ultra Renewal, Neostrata Skin Active Retinol Repair Complex, Neostrata Renewal cream, Neostrata Comprehensive Retinol Eye cream, Neostrata Comprehensive Retionol Night Serun, Exuviance Retinol Serum, Environ Original and C-quence Ranges, SkinCeuticals Retinols creams.

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