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All eyes on you… Eye Cream

The Short Answer:

What:  Specialized eye care products selected by your MASC therapist to suit your needs:  Gels, serums and creams are available

When:  It’s never too late to start but best before signs of ageing are present – in your early 20s.  Eye product is applied morning and evening after cleansing and before day/night cream

Where:  On your eye socket bone as per the graphic below

How:  Apply a match stick head size of product using your ring finger and gently pat the product in a clockwise direction on your right eye and anti-clockwise on your left ending next to your nose.



Our eye area is one of the most focal features of the face and even more so over the last two years with our face being masked.  Due to many micro-movements and facial expressions, the delicate eye area can tend to show signs of ageing early in life.  The skin in this area is about 5 times thinner in density than the rest of the face and in some cases, maybe sensitive to the application of active ingredients.  Due to the continual movement of the area, the skin around the eyes tends to lose moisture at a faster rate and this can further exacerbate any signs of ageing.

The introduction of an eye product should ideally be started before any signs of ageing appear, so the sooner one can start the better.  Prevention is always better than cure.  At MASC Laser Clinic, we usually recommend treating the eye area from your early 20s.  It is also not too late to start should you already experience changes in the area. 

This delicate area requires special maintenance to keep it looking its best – and eye products do just that.  The formulations target the skin around the eyes and deliver the correct amount of active ingredients, improve signs of ageing, protect from further damage and hydrate the area. Eye products are generally ophthalmologically tested for ensuring that they are safe to be used close to the eye area.  Regular moisturisers are generally packed with higher concentrations of active ingredients that may irritate the eye area. 

Benefits of using a specialised eye product include: Preventing the development of pre-mature ageing, lessening the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, reducing the appearance of dark circles, evening the skin tone, strengthening and protecting the delicate eye area, improving signs of dehydration and improving micro-circulation around the eye area.  

In most cases, depending on specific ingredients, it is recommended to use an eye product both morning and evening.  It is the first product applied after the cleansing routine. Application is done using your ring finger – either by gently patting or using a broad circular movement from below the inner brow, starting closest to your nose and sweeping along the bony ridge following right around the eye to below the lower eye tear trough (close to the nose).  It is not recommended to apply any products directly onto the eyelid or right below the lash line, as this may lead to the product seeping into the eye and causing irritation.  

There are many different options, depending on the concern and whether the need is more for prevention or correction or both.  Consistency of the product could be in the form of either a cream, gel or serum. It is best to discuss your options with one of our MASC therapists in order to establish which ingredients and consistency would be best for your eye area. 


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