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Sheldene’s Thoughts: 50! How did that happen?

50! How did that happen? I’ve recently heard 50 described as “The youth of old age”.  I don’t fear getting old as I know that it is a privilege denied to many.  What I fear is getting mean.  I attended a bible study where we concluded that there were 2 types of old people in the world.  Those who grew in wisdom and spiritual beauty and those who got mean and acted as if the world owed them a favour.  I’m determined to be the former!

Carl Jung said “Life really does begin at forty.  Up until then, you’re just doing research.”

Successfully getting through your forties after all that painful research in the proceeding years is to end up with the “Strong back, soft front and wild heart” Brene Brown talks about.

So what has my research taught me?  What elements can I draw on to ensure I keep the soft front – that is the willingness to stay vulnerable and curious – not armoured up and closed.  Have that wild heart that still burns with passion and being open to inspiration and the leading of the Holy Spirit.  That strong back – not to be seduced by the ways of the world but to keep my faith in the word of God and His spiritual principals and the things I know to be True?  To have courage to be both fierce and kind?

So I asked myself what did I learn from each decade of my life?

In the first decade, I learned that I was wanted and loved by two caring parents.  Their happy home made me want to be a wife and mother one day.  

In the second decade I learned that I could apply my efforts to learning and study and that hard work would always yield results. I became really interested in powersports and bodybuilding and I learned I had something to offer the world.  That I wanted to have a career one day. Fantasising about owning a health emporium, something like a Health & Racquet Club before they even existed.  I also learned I happened to be to the liking of a certain bodybuilding medical student.

In the third decade of my life it all came together, wife, mother, career and because God gives you above and beyond, more than you can ever hope or wish for, that health emporium in the form of Somerset Surgery.  I learned that travel is as joyous and invigorating as I hoped it would be.

In the fourth decade I learned – this may be anti-climactic – that I don’t hold the universe together! Humility, I learned humility.  The importance of letting go and letting God.  

I developed that strong back from the obstacles I overcame, the discipline of hard work and constant learning, knowing Gods word…and from lifting heavy weights too.

The soft front from being open to love, to forgive, to look for and want the best for others.  To be softened by humility and the gift of being a mother to my two beautiful girls.

The wild heart – to be passionately loved and in love with my best friend for 30 years.  To still want adventure and new experiences.  The unshakable belief that my best years are still ahead of me.

But mostly I’ve learned to be grateful.  Grateful to God for blessing me with a life beyond my wildest imaginings.  Grateful for all the people I’ve met along the way who have contributed to making me who I am today.  

Here’s to the next decade and all the gifts it has to offer!

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1 Comment
  • Abri Kruger
    Posted at 06:38h, 11 November

    Loved Reading this and thank you for sharing. Beautiful testimony of your stunning life!



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